Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Home Finally

Yeap, I am back at home for almost a month now. 1 month sounds like a long time to me but well, time just flies, week by week. Now, April has arrive and I have to start working again to get the cash flow flowing again!

A lot of things happened during this March, not the mention the adventure of going to Heathrow Airport for our flight back and the trip to the Malaysian custom for our excess baggage! That, was a real eye opener and a truly wondrous adventure that I hope I will not ever encounter again in the future.

Adapting to life in Malaysia seems a new thing to me when I just stepped down from the plane. The weather is hot and humid, the time zone is totally off, the people is different and the language you hear is totally different. Somehow it feels like everything around you is clashing and all mixed up. Nothing seems the same. I know, weird right? We both felt lost in this place where we call home for the last 22 years of our life. Funny.

Well, now everything is back to normal, thank goodness! I slept better now, got used to the people and the environment around me, just happy that I came back home safely. One thing that is out of place is I don't see Jin 24/7 anymore but in return, I got to see him almost every hour and every day of my life!

He is so cute even after the ugly haircut he had!! I miss him everyday!! So adorable!! XD I missed you too Jin!!