Thursday, 13 November 2008

Memory Lane

I dream a lot, almost every day and I remember all my dreams in details although after awhile, it will seems a little vague. Today I had a dream which takes me down to memory lane. In the dream, I was around 12 years old(??), probably, as one of my cousin sis is still a child.Well, I was going shopping with them and my aunt in some shopping mall. We were shopping for something which in reality is what I wanted as well ^^, shoes! We were looking for shoes that we like and I don't know why, for some reason, the shopkeeper is giving us free shoes! Such good luck!!

I was happy to stumble upon such bargain and so began to search for something I would like! But, I could never find anything that I like or even if I like that specific design, there is no longer my size in stock!! So sad. Woke up feeling a bit disappointed. Anyway, it does seems like a good dream as I somehow get to relived that moment when all of us were children and hanging out together. Can't wait to go back home to see everyone!!


feiz said...

Hohohoho!!! long time no see, our sweet Eexin. We can't wait to see both Jin Wei and you as well!!!

Xin said...

Hei Feiz... It really has been a long time since we last met!^^