Saturday, 25 October 2008

Save The Planet

I was browsing through the internet and saw an article about Aardman Studio creating a series of short films for Animal Planet featuring their own characters saving the planet. It was quite interesting series, each short featuring different characters and ways to save energy or to help the planet. I also like the way they execute the ideas and making it hilarious. I especially loves Norman the Hippo.... so cute and chubby, feel like pinching that big chunk of clay! ^^

Well, after watching this series, I asked myself.... did I help to save the planet??

For a start, I did use my own shopping bags when I went shopping for groceries. I got those reusable bags from Tesco, really good ones but not those cotton type though. Stores like M&S charge 5 pence for a plastic bag and some of the stalls in the open market stopped handing out plastic bags now. You will need to carry your own bags if you need to shop for groceries.

Secondly, I use electricity and gas reasonably. No waste of electricity and gas! Have to save if not you will cry when you receive your utility bills! I feel electricity and gas here is still way too expensive. Winter is coming, sigh, my pocket will be thinner than usual.

Thirdly, I do not simply waste water. I have never like to waste water since young, and I couldn't stand it when people waste water by not turning the tap off when they are washing their hands with soap.

Fourthly, recycling, yeah, I do recycle, especially papers, cardboards, cans and bottles. The usual...

Finally, I don't drive nowadays. Been walking all the time.

Well, it seems I did try, willingly or not, to help to save the planet a bit! ^^
Oh ya, here is the link to the series of short animation. I hope you will like it, enjoying the meticulous artwork from Aardman and to think whether you have played a part in helping to save the planet or not.

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