Thursday, 23 October 2008

Locked Out

Today is a gloomy and moody day for me. The sun was always hiding behind the clouds, the weather is cold and, yeah, I also got locked out of my flat. Terrific day. I was rushing, running late and I promised to meet Jin at his office at one in the afternoon. I made mental notes on what to take, my phone, receipt(I am going to exchange an item at the city center), garbage bag, handbag, and oh ya, my house keys.

It is already 1.00pm, I was late, I quickly wear my shoes, took the garbage bag and my handbag, grabbed the keys, open the door, stepped out of the house with everything with me and, "WHAM", the door closes. I looked back, and noticed the key was not in my hands and only realized that the key was still in the lock inside the flat! After a few seconds when reality starts to kick into my head, I was really angry at with myself. I could not get the door open and even tried to reach the keys through the mailbox but to no avail.

Well, no choice but to call Jin for help. He always fixed things and will definitely make this right. Called him, and the poor guy ran back all the way from office. Well, even with another key with us, the door could not be unlock as the other key was stuck opposite the other side.... Anyone could imagine that the situation was tense, we were locked out, tried knocking on neighbours' doors, but no one answer, tried calling our landlord and again, no replies. Really great!!

Again, I tried to reach the keys through the mailbox and even used my name tag to loop around the key to pull it out. Gave up after few tries then we try using the keys to push the other key out of the lock. Finally running out of ideas, I gave up and thought at the hallway of any ways which we can get a locksmith's number when Jin called me back in. The door stood open, and he was grinning happily at me saying "Look, I just opened the door!". Well, I was so so so happy that our problem is solved and I don't know how the door opened and how we managed to open it, I don't care, just as long everything turns out fine.

Like before, problem fixed when Jin is there. Really glad that things turn out fine without even resorting to calling a locksmith to open the door. Whew.... Well, terrific day as I said and the sun shined brightly after an embarrassing and tense moment.

Lesson learnt:

1. Do not rush yourself when it comes to opening the door. Always check that the keys are with you before closing the door shut.

2. Keep a local locksmith number in your phonebook at all times.

3. Call neighbours for help. (ours were not at home, lucky for us.)

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