Tuesday, 10 February 2009


For the whole while that I am in UK, I always patronize Tesco for my groceries shopping. I am always happy with their service as the cashiers always give you a wide smile and a happy hello.

But, today, their service was something that made my blood boiled!!!

As usual, we went to the local Tesco store for groceries after making a stop at the city council. After we finished selecting the products that we wanted, we went to the till to make our payment. The cashier is this young looking guy, around 16 - 20 years old, and when I saw how he serviced the customer before us, I knew this guy is not serious about his work. He looked new, maybe just a few days into this job, and his attitude is like he just woke up from bed, no smile, no hello, no nothing. Well, I couldn't care less if he stayed that way, it is his job to provide good service to customer, not mine and hopefully his supervisor will noticed it and remind him/take action against him.

So when it is my turn, he started to scan the items one by one until he reaches the eggs. This, is where the whole problem begins!!! Okay, before I get to the main point, the eggs that I wanted to buy is called "Willow Barn Eggs" and I checked the price(£1.32) first then the eggs condition(whether they are broken, different sizes, etc.) before taking it down from the shelf. He opened the box, checked one of the eggs, and I don't know why, he press the red button to get help from other staff. I don't know what the problem is, but while waiting for the staff the arrive, he left the eggs that I wanted on the till beside another brand of eggs called "Big and Large Eggs"(£1.55).

So, I just continue packing the items into the bag until he finished scanning the final item. I was busy packing and did not see clearly which of the eggs he scanned and made payment. While I was waiting for the payment to go through, I noticed there was something different! That guy scanned in the "Big and Large Eggs", not the "Willow Barn Eggs"! When I got the receipt, it states Eggs: £1.55! I checked the box and inside there was one egg less!! He switched the items and gave me a different one with one egg less!!! If the item was in good and proper condition, I would just let it go and leave. Imediately, I questioned him. He gave me back the Willow Barn Eggs and pressed the red button again for help to refund the extra few p's to me.

We waited for 5 to 6 mins and no one came. The guy continued to serve other customers and left us there without a word or anything! Finally, after 10 mins later, a lady came and ask the guy about the situation. Without asking for my side of story, she looked at us and said in a not very kind voice, "Look Lady, this eggs(Willow Barn Eggs) cost £1.55 and it's not suppose to cost £1.32! Where did you get this eggs? Can you follow me to the shelf and point to me where it is."

I said fine, I will show her where it is and on the way there, she is so arrogant and did not look at me! I was like, excuse me, but that guy switched the eggs with a different one, I am not the one who is at fault here! She did not believe what I said until we reached the shelf where the eggs are. When she saw the price and realized that I was right about the price, she stood there laughing, took both kind of eggs and without any word just walked off to the till where the guy are. I followed her to the till, and she asked the guy again whether he switched the eggs or not. He was like " Uh, no, yeah, mayb... bla bla bla"!! He was trying to put the blame on me, saying I was the one who gave him the "Big and Large Eggs" and he did not switched it! Hello?!! Like I would take a box of eggs with one egg less and more expensive and pay for it without saying anything?! ARGH!! And worst enough, the lady just said "Whatever, I will take this to customer service." AND... she walked off again, I followed her again to customer service, where she happily told the person at the customer service that she don't know what is happening and to refund the money back to me. Without saying anything and did not even bother looking at me, she walked off!! No sorry for this misunderstanding, no nothing!!

I was angry that she as the supervisor did not handle this matter carefully! She did not hear my side of story and already judged that I was at fault! Even after my explanation, she still chose to believe that the guy is innocent! Maybe she was thinking that I do not know how to read letters or numbers! And what's with the attitude!! Arrogant and rude to your customer! AARRGGHHHH!!!

When I got back home, I wanted to complain this matter to Tesco. I searched through their website and only found out that Tesco doesn't have a complaint department!! Maybe they received too many complaints before, and decided to close down that department to stop future complaints going through their door!! So, here I am, complaining to anyone who is reading this post.

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