Friday, 20 February 2009


There is still six days left before leaving Portsmouth! Can't wait to get back home, to taste the food there and my very own bed!! LOL!! Really missed my bed a lot, seriously, the comfort of my bed is making me anxious to get back home this instance! Not to mention, I will be meeting my family whom I have not seen for the last one and a half year! Also, the new additional family member whom I never meet before!! Can't wait to shake his paws and say "How do you do?" XD

But before that.... Ugh, really is a busy busy week ahead!! So many things to do and arrange before boarding the plane. So many things to worry about that it makes this 1 week seems so long!! Lastly, I am sick!!! 1 week before going back and I fell sick!! Thanks to Jin who kept spreading the germs around by making so many "wantons"!! Sigh... I just can't wait to go home! That's all in my mind for now!

Going to Cambridge and London next Monday. Hopefully can get some good memories from this trip! It will be a really short trip, trying to pack 2 destination in one day, not to mention the long hours we will be spending in the train! Well, hopefully will be worth the time!

The flat right now is in a mess! We just got our boxes last night, so, we will be busy packing the whole of tomorrow. Busy busy busy. Have to clean the flat after packing! So many chores to do!! No wonder I am sick! Sigh! I missed my home!

6 more days to go!!

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