Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow in Portsmouth

On Sunday night, it was snowing heavily here in Portsmouth and all other places in UK. Well, for me, Portsmouth is not in the worst hit area by snow, as we only have 4 to 5 centimeters of snow. Not really thick, but enough for me and Jin to play with. I was really anticipating for the snow to arrive as you don't really get to see snow in Portsmouth. Last year, we did get to see snow here in Portsmouth, but it was just for awhile as the sun came out in the afternoon and melted all the fun away. Well, I was lucky to see snow again this year, and this time, I grabbed the chance to go out and have fun in the cold weather!!

Early Monday morning, around 12am, the snow is falling down rapidly. Really excited!

Around 1am, I was too excited to go to sleep, so I dragged Jin out from the bed and we went out to the corridor and have fun with the snow! Really really cold!! My hands were shivering from the cold and playing with snow thus the blurry photo!

Morning! It was around 10am and the snow still stayed around, although the road and the pathway have been cleared of snow, there is still plenty of snow lying around. Can see the footprints of people and car tyres!

Snow on our balcony!

My very own set of footprints!

Again, fun at the corridor!! We made snowballs and threw it down!!

The grass covered in snow.

Us having fun!

Playing with the Tabby cat! What a piercing eyes!

Well, that was a lot of fun yet freezing at the same time! Although the snow brought plenty of fun to some, but for others, it did a lot of damage as well. For me, it was fun while it last. On Tuesday afternoon, there was a sleet shower and sunshine, and there goes the snow! All melted away! Hmn, I wonder when will the snow come again...

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